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If you’re a healthcare professional struggling with exhaustion, stress, burnout, resilience, negative beliefs about yourself, or how to thrive, please read on.

Where’s the vibrant person you dreamed of being when you started your clinical training?

That question helped me to see how my training experiences exacerbated a lack of self worth, undermined my confidence, and heightened the need for approval (healthcare hierarchy anyone?). They also cemented a gigantic sense of responsibility for outcomes, adding a huge weight to every decision.

As you might imagine, those effects magnified such beliefs as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I need to be flawless at work and at home’ and ‘I’m only as good as my last outcome’ that negatively affected my self-image, career path, relationships, and took a serious toll on my physical and mental health. I became more 'wounded' than 'wounded healer'. 

What I didn’t know then was how coaching would help me move from the unhelpful beliefs that were keeping me small, safe and stuck towards healthy wellbeing!

Being coached:

⏩enabled me to find new perspectives

⏩ helped me prioritize my goals instead of always putting my needs last

⏩ allowed me to discover my personal power to change both my mindset and behaviours

Coaching helped me transform the quality of my life. Now, I am confident that anything I dream is possible. I manage my stress, am more resilient, have plenty of energy, and am thriving personally and professionally.

I am a retired palliative care physician, and I became a certified wellness coach to help you claim the wellbeing that is your right.

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Member, Canadian Physician Coaches Network

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