About Me

Who remembers the ‘ I am Joe’s [fill in organ]’ articles in Reader’s Digest way back when? They were my introduction to anatomy and physiology, and one of my inspirations for becoming a doctor (along with M*A*S*H and Star Trek). I found my niche working as a palliative care physician for 18 years, caring for terminally ill patients and their families in their homes for most of that time.


I’m also a wife, a mother of two, and a doctor recovering from chronic and major depression. The most recent episode of the latter, a few years ago, ‘convinced’ me to retire from medical practice.


Health coaching has given me new and effective tools for getting well. I've become more self-compassionate, more present, more energetic and motivated, and healthier. Its principles continue to move me to my optimal health! I became an ADAPT certified functional health coach to help others with similar health challenges, and those who want to reinforce their wellbeing.

 As a health coach, a physician, and a patient, I know that attention to lifestyle helps, and that it can feel nearly impossible to make progress on your own! When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the work ahead, or stuck in a state of low motivation, coaching provides inspiration, support and accountability to make those small, essential and cumulative steps toward wellness.  


Ottawa, Ontario

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical professional, and am working solely as a coach. Coaches do not prevent, diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions, and coaching does not replace the need for medical advice. Information presented here is not intended as medical or legal advice. Coaching is not psychotherapy or counselling.