Ottawa, Ontario

©2020 by Virginia Hurdon

Lightening the burden of mental health challenges amongst health care practitioners is my passion. I have chosen health coaching as my weapon(!) because it helps in a powerful, yet distinct manner from other modalities. Health coaching draws on your deeply-held personal values and undeniable strengths to help you find motivation and forward motion even when you feel stuck or worn down, unsure how to proceed. I look through a holistic lens at mental health: nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, relationships and play are key elements.

Most of us have work to do in at least one of these areas!

As a client, you’ll work on what matters most to you to improve your mental health. Together, we’ll establish your health vision, then break that down into shorter term goals and manageable small steps. We’ll focus on how to cross the gap into where you want to be by fuelling your motivation and insight, and assisting you to make realistic yet inspiring behavioural changes. I’ll help you stay on track with accountability of your choosing, and continuing support.

Health coaching depends on an open and honest collaboration between coach and client. I offer a free discovery session to give you an understanding of coaching and its aims, a chance to experience being coached, and for us both to determine whether we’re a good fit to work together.