How can health coaching help?

Let me tell you a bit about health coaching- what it is, how it differs from other helping relationships, and when it may be helpful.

What Health Coaching is...
  • a process to help you make lasting, sustainable changes in your health and wellbeing

  • a collaboration between you and the coach: you have expertise in your life and circumstances, and the coach has expertise as a facilitator- with the goal of getting you to your best health and wellness

  • coaching utilizes your strengths and core values; empowers you to find your own unique solutions; supports you in your change journey; recognizes and connects you to your motivations and wisdom; and provides accountability to you as desired for the changes you’re making

What Health Coaching isn't...
  • mentorship, where expertise or knowledge is shared with mentees

  • therapy, where the therapist is an expert in psychological assessment, diagnosis or treatment, and often gives advice and direction

  • education, where information is taught to learners

Could You Benefit from Health Coaching?

What would be possible for you, if you maximized your health by looking at the larger picture of wellness: mindset, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, social connection, and play?


How’s your level of motivation in regard to your health? Would it benefit from looking deep into your values, your vision of wellness, and leveraging your strengths?

Is depression, anxiety or burnout impacting your quality of life, your effectiveness at work, or your precious family time?

Do you have a chronic illness that is worrying you, or that you'd like to manage with more confidence and satisfaction?

Health coaching is designed to address all of these areas, using proven and researched techniques such as motivational interviewing, character strengths work, positive psychology, and the principles of empathic communication. It’s a collaboration, in a respectful, non-judgmental environment where you decide what to work toward and how to do that, with the unflagging support and accountability that you need to grow and succeed.


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