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Footprints in the Sand

Discovery Call

  • This 45 minute no-charge conversation can help you decide whether coaching is the right fit for you, and whether I'm the right coach. We'll discuss what you'd like to work on, how the coaching process works, and what I offer. 

Pottery Workshop

Individual Coaching

Coaching is available virtually (videoconferencing), or in person locally.

Sessions are available individually, or as a package of 12.

Pottery Workshop

Group Coaching

Have you ever been coached or facilitated in a small group setting? If you have, you'll already know some of the benefits:

  • belonging to a group of your peers 

  • experiencing multiple perspectives

  • forming social connections

  • sharing insights and learning from others

  • fostering conflict-resolution skills

  • increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • using the group's collective wisdom

I am pleased to offer group (4-7 participants) coaching on wellbeing and quality of life topics. Contact me to discuss your idea or get more information.

Guest Speaking

I am open to speaking engagements for groups large or small. My approach is experiential, thought-provoking, and tailored to your needs.

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