Updated: May 24

I am excited to share some of my knowledge and experiences with regard to six determinants of health (mental and physical): nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, play and social connections. Health challenges certainly impact all of these areas, and making progress in one area often leads to a 'sympathetic' improvement in others (one time our brain is working for us rather than against us... ;)

In coaching sessions, information sharing is a small part of our process- really, coming up with your own solutions is much more powerful. Please feel free to see these tidbits as conversation and research starters, and maybe even as experiments to try.


Ottawa, Ontario

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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical professional, and am working solely as a coach. Coaches do not prevent, diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions, and coaching does not replace the need for medical advice. Information presented here is not intended as medical or legal advice. Coaching is not psychotherapy or counselling.